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Once you have created the site you have a 15 day trial, then you have 3 options, the first option: It’s Standard You pay $ 29.95, The second option is Plus In this option you get more tools for marketing your site, costing $ 79.95 per month. The third option, it’s PRO, in this option you get all the best options in Bigcommerce, costing $ 299.95 per month.

Creating a site means that the site is on a secure server, the uniqueness of bigcommerce is that their servers are secured at the highest level in the world, many customers choose the unique platform, Most of the ratings for creating this site are on the Bigcommerce platform

No, you do not need to know how to write code, the options for creating a website are very simple. Think that after a few clicks of your site in the air, this is what’s special about bigcommerce subjects.

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You can manage your site from anywhere in the world, using the mobile app or even a computer. Your sales are listed in the dashboard Ready to get started with Free Trial?