Canva Pro is the exceptional arrangement of Canva that accompanies extra highlights

It includes limitless capacity for photographs and resources for its users You can transfer your own pictures and access a large number of photographs beginning at $1 each. You’ll likewise get restrictive admittance to 400,000 free photographs, outlines, and formats.

Canva Pro, a Perfect Fit

In a visual world, Canva Pro makes it simple for groups. It makes proficient plans with premium highlights like Brand Kit, Background Remover, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

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Things You Can Do with Canva Pro

Canva Pro offers many features to work efficiently with so many designs.

Lets see what they are:

Magic Resize

Canva Pro deals with resizing of your designs with their Content Planner. You may schedule all your designs for posting on it. Then it’s the headache of Canva Pro, to perform the magic of doing magical resize of your logos require for that post.

Brand Kit

Canva Pro helps you with the colour scheme of your brand kit. You just design your brand kit and giving its attractive colours will handle by Canva Pro.

On-Click Canva Pro Tools

You may animate your designs, remove your post backgrounds, make colourless or transparent images. This all can be done with one click Canva Pro tools. The reason for providing this facility is Canva Pro mission is to facilitate its users in with maximum ways.

Work in Team

If you are working in time, Canva Pro has the facility of inviting you all at one platform. Your team may simultaneously work on one design.

Premium Images, Videos & Templates

Canva Pro gives access to more than 75 million premium images and videos. You may get thousands of premium templates. This is all offer by Canva Pro to provide its users with endless designs to create their posts.

Give Life to Your Ideas

Canva Pro give life to the designs of its users. Guess how? Canva Pro team print your designs in professionally vibrant colors best suited to your designs. And you know what? You do not have to go anywhere to get those prints. Canva Pro will reach you at your door step. So, Canva Pro not only facilitates you with selection of colours for your designs but deliver them too at your door.

Canva Pro Design Tools

Canva Pro has the premium design tools to make your work looks professional. It saves your time spending on learning designing skills. It has created such tools for its users to help you with exquisite designs. The designing tools it has are:

Get rid of Unwanted Backgrounds

If you select a photo, but the problem is with its background, so no worries. Canva Pro helps you to get rid of that unwanted background with just one click. Now you do not have to give up your idea of changing the photo into another one. Canva Pro with its tool helps you to adapt the photo according to your own desires.


Moving pictures always has more impact on the viewer than the still art. The reason is animated images grab more attention of the onlookers. So, Canva Pro has not missed this feature. Its tool add life to your design by making it animated. You may also save your animated design created by Canva Pro into your file of MOV or GIF.

Font Styles

Font style matters a lot in your design. The readability of the design content will give your viewer complete information you want them to comprehend. So, Canva Pro has included this feature also. It has thousands of premium fonts for your designs. You may upload the content of your design using any that suits your purpose.

100 GB Storage

No matter how much data you have, Canva Pro has the feature of organizing your data in unlimited folders. It has the storage of 100GB for its users. 

Is there any other application offering you so much in one go? I am sure you do not find any.

Premium Templates

It has thousands of premium templates to design your logos in professional manner. It customizes your designs according to the need of your post.


Canva Pro with its resizing tool, customize your designs or logos into the require size as per your post.

Canva, Free Forever

Canva is not a brand with earning mission only. Its priority is to facilitate its customers. Canva provides its following services free for lifetime:

  • Free templates, that are almost more than 250,000
  • More than 100 designs for letters, social media posts, presentations and any other of your choice.
  • More than thousands of free graphics and photos
  • Send invitation to your team members
  • Collaborate with your team members on the same project
  • Comment on the designs, logos, photos from wherever you feel at ease
  • 5 GB cloud storage

It is not the end yet, Canva is offering much more. But you have to spend some money on it, as premium facilities do not come for free. So here is the premium offer of Canva for you.

Canva Pro Price with Features

Canva offers its Canva Pro features in a very reasonable amount. Its fee is affordable for the persons with small business also. The price is US $12.99/month.

  • You may add many members of your teams at one time, it could be 1, 5, 10, 15 and many more as per your requirement
  • In canva Pro you will get all the features of free Canva with its additional features.
  • Premium stock of photos, audios, videos and graphics. Its premium stock reaches to more than 75 million.
  • Daily more than 420,000 designs for your templates
  • Create one brand Kit and upload your own logos and fonts
  • No limits to the use of Background Remover
  • No limits to resizing your designs using Magic Resize
  • Save as many templates of your designs for the use of your team
  • 100 GB of cloud storage
  • You can schedule on 8 platforms your social media content

Canva Pro is ready to let you enjoy its features for free on 30 days’ trial. The price of using Canva Pro features is reasonable comparing to the services it is providing for its customers.

Motive of Canva Pro

Canva Pro has realistic planning instruments or programming frequently to consolidate power effortlessly of utilization. This is the motive of Canva Pro.

It is not difficult to use. It is gaining popularity due to its easy usability and instant formats for any design.

Anybody can utilize it, a non-creator can also just like an expert. You need not bother with realistic planning abilities and can make amazing plans in minutes.


Browsing 420,000+ predesigned layouts. A large number of photographs, recordings, sounds, components, illustrations. As well as a great many premium text styles, many incorporations, and huge loads of efficient highlights. These all make Canva Pro a speedy and reasonable apparatus for making proficient looking plans.

Moreover, Canva Pro makes it much simpler for anybody to make staggering plans in minutes with a live review.

Shot it yourself for nothing and find how simple Canva Pro is to use. You may have it by having a go on Canva’s 30-day free preliminary – it will not cost you a penny.


Shot it yourself for nothing and find how simple Canva Pro is to use. You may have it by having a go on Canva’s 30-day free preliminary – it will not cost you a penny.

Canva Pro has all the features of Canva along with its additional features.

It is an extraordinary program whether utilizing the free layouts and designs or opening their top notch paid formats and illustrations. Whichever way you will not be baffled.  Canva Pro has formats for a wide range of postings that are genuinely simple to modify.

Certainly! Canva Pro is extraordinary whether you are one individual, or a group of hundreds. Regardless of how enormous your group, you can help your usefulness and take Canva to a higher level with efficient highlights. Remove the problem from trimming and resizing your plan with Magic Resize. coordinate your photographs into envelopes, and save your image logo, tones, and textual styles.

You can welcome, as many individuals as you like to join you in Canva Pro. You will not be charged at all during your time for testing. Canva Pro makes it simple to team up with others in your group. You may share layouts and plan resources, and remark and like each other’s work.

Canva Pro for Education is a superior adaptation of Canva. Canva Pro customized to the homeroom, and 100% free for qualified K12 instructors and their understudies. With it, you get every advantage of premium highlights, including a large number of pictures, textual styles, illustrations, recordings, activities, and instructive formats. There is even a committed homeroom space to welcome understudies and educators. You may share, audit, and deal with your work. You can likewise impart drawing in visual tasks to understudies for them to finish.

Canva coordinates with all your go-to study tools, like Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Remind, Canvas, Schoology, and more just around the corner.

Kindly note you might be approached to check your helping qualifications to get to Canva Pro for Educational purpose.