Privacy policy

This privacy policy is designed to allow users to understand their privacy choices when they visit or use our website. This website aims to establish a trustworthy relationship with its users. Your privacy is our top priority. Therefore, we wish you to understand how the website collects, protects, uses and discloses your personal information when you visit or make a purchase from our website.


Where we believe in providing a quality service, we also believe in building a relationship with our users based solely on trust. Our website values your personal information and privacy and does not disclose it unless it benefits you. Here are the values of our website:

  • Your information is yours. We try to collect only a limited amount of your information required to provide you a quality service.
  • Your information is well protected with us and only shared with the third parties for your benefit and with your permission.



Personal information includes data that can be used to identify a user. When you visit or use our website, we may collect certain information that can be used to identify you. This information may include:

  • Usernames
  • Email addresses
  • Contact details
  • Transactional details
  • Payment Options


Usage information includes details about how a user accesses and uses the Service.

In addition to personal information, we may also collect your:

  • IP addresses,
  • Time zones,
  • Information about your web browser
  • Our Service pages that you visit  
  • Cookies and usage data

All of this information is solely collected for the purpose of facilitating your experience and improving the quality of our service.

Cookies and Tracking

Cookies are those files that have a small amount of data and are sent to your device where they are stored. They may include an identifier that is anonymous and unique. With the help of cookies and tracking technologies of similar nature, we hold certain information and track your activity on our service. In addition, log files, web beacons, pixels and tags are some other tracking devices used.

Cookies are used to improve your experience. You can refuse the cookies. However, it may limit some portions of our service to you. You can also erase all the cookies from your device.


We believe in quality and trust when it comes to providing service. We try our best to limit the amount of information we collect. The data which we use will only be the information that you have allowed us to use, or when we need to deliver the services that you have subscribed to or purchased, or for legal reasons. Your personal information is used for the purposes stated below:

  • Communication. We use your information to communicate with you regarding the services that you have enabled including subscriptions and purchases. We may also use your personal information to contact you about updates and new services.
  • Avoid potential risk or fraud. We use your information to screen our orders in order to detect any risk or potential fraud. This is done to ensure safety.
  • Improving Experience. We may use your usage information to provide you with details of similar products or services for a better experience.
  • Improve and Optimize Performance. We use your information to update and improve our quality of service.  
  • Collect statistics. Your information may be used to collect statistics helping us analyze our services and provide users with the best possible service.
  • To provide Customer support. When you contact us, we use your personal information to resolve any issues that you may face during our service. We intend to provide rapid and helpful service.
  • Fulfill Your Orders. Your order details are used to successfully deliver you any orders that you may have placed with our service.
  • Verifying Your Identity. Every time you log in to our Service, we use the personal information that you have provided to ensure that it is you, to avoid any misuse of your account.
  • Improving our Product and Service Quality. We use the personal and usage information to improve our services to facilitate user experience.
  • Serving advertisements. To facilitate you with the advertising, our third parties may use cookies to track your activities on our webpages and websites and deliver you advertisements based on your interests. We also use it to measure the efficacy of the advertisements.
  • Managing our legal compliance and operational affairs. We use the information that you have provided to maintain our operational and legal affairs and to avoid potential risk or fraud.


Your privacy is of the utmost value to us. We only disclose your personal information to the third parties for the provision of service and to comply with applicable law. Your personal information is shared for the following reasons:

  • Your information is shared with service providers and third parties to improve your experience.
  • It is shared with our professional advisors to enhance service quality.
  • We may share your personal information to comply with legal charges or regulations.
  • We may share it with third parties who can provide you advertisements for products and services of your choice.
  • We may share it with a third party in order to respond to alleged or suspected illegal activity.
  • We share your personal information with banks and similar entities for the purpose of payment procedures.


The retention period is the duration for which your data is stored and used. We only store your data to provide offers and services and it is retained for as long as required or as long as there is a legitimate interest in continuing the storage of your information. Other than these cases, your personal information is deleted. The only data that is retained is the information required for contractual or statutory purposes. Contracts also include third party contracts. Your personal data is stored until the period of retention is reached. After the expiration of the retention period, your data is deleted.

Usage data, on the other hand, is retained for an even shorter period of time with an exception of data stored for the purpose of strengthening the security or improving the service quality. Moreover, it is retained longer in case of legal obligation.

Your order that you placed through the website will be retained till you ask us to remove it.


We support a healthy relationship with our customers. Therefore, we wish you to be aware of your rights.

If you are a resident of Europe, you reserve the right to access your personal information that we retain. You have the right to ask your personal information to be updated, corrected or deleted. You can exercise this right by contacting us through our contact information given in the section of Contact us.

If you are a resident of Europe, we process your information to fulfill contracts we might have with you and the orders that you place through our website. We wish you to know that your information will be transferred outside Europe to regions including America and Canada.


Our privacy policy is liable to change over a period of time for several reasons including alteration in our practices, regulatory or operational reasons as well as in response to legal concerns.  


We prioritize the security of your data. However, it must be noted that any transmission over the internet or through any means of electronic storage is never 100% secure. We strive to provide the best quality and secure your information, but unfortunately, absolute guarantee of security cannot be provided


As mentioned earlier, your personal information may be used for marketing communication and providing targeted advertisements for you. You can opt out of them following the given links:


– Google:

– Bing:


Please note that our website does not support Do Not Track (DNT). DNT is a preference that can be set on your web browser to inform websites about your wish to not be tracked. Our website does not alter our data collection.


We value our customers and welcome any queries, suggestions, and complaints. For further information about our services, policies, and products, contact us at the information provided below.

Please contact us by e‑mail: [email protected]


by mail using the details provided below: 

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We respond to your requests within 30-40 days.